Typeface Posters

Showcasing the character of a typeface


& Challenge


  • 3 11*17 Posters
  • Typeface name
  • Creator(s)
  • Creation date
  • A full set of characters
  • Description of the face
  • Anatomy of its letter-forms.

Typefaces have lots of character. No pun intended. All tend have their own set of uses and applications. Working with three great, classic typefaces, the challenge was going to be maximizing their own unique aesthetics. Visually this would be represented in an 11 by 17 poster format. By examining the rich history and unique applications of these typefaces, three distinctive posters were able to be produced.


The End


  • Layout Design
  • Typography
  • Print Design

The end result featured three posters that carefully consider the applications and styles of these typefaces. Each poster has a distinctively different main heading treatment and displays unique graphic elements that further accentuate their respective distinguished characteristics. A visibly different feel is emanated from each print, allowing a viewer to quickly get a sense of each typeface's properties and forms, while also relaying relevant historical information pertaining to each.


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