Transit Matters

Connecting People & Places


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TransitMatters is one of those heartfelt feel-good organizations, whose chief mission is to create better, more connected communities. Through their work they provide moments for travelers to connect with their fellow individual and community. TransitMatters accomplishes this by building and renovating public works such as bus shelters, walkways, and bike paths.

To encapsulate their great work and communal impact, they needed a place for people to learn about their impressive work, to reach out to them, to see their projects, and much more.


The End


  • Web Design
    • Interface Design
    • Front-end web development
  • Icon Design
  • Animation

The final website design achieved relaying just the right amount of information, to an unacquainted viewer, in a visually compelling way. It created a dynamic first impact by displaying a custom-animation design on the home page. This animation additionally served the purpose of giving a quick insight into the company before exploring the dedicated about section. In the information-heavy areas of the sight, custom icons allow for visual breaks and effective representations of what the brand does. The portfolio section utilizes a blueprint-to-final-product rollover effect, which demonstrates the extreme preparation and planning of TransitMatters, as well as their involvement in each project from conception to the final built piece. Each portfolio page breaks down information into sensible areas to maintain interest and allow for easy navigation of desired material.

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