Tatooine T-S

T-Shirts from Gallactic Vendors


& Challenge


  • Home page
  • Eighteen product pages
  • Store page
  • Three category pages
  • Three tag pages
  • Process pages (cart page, checkout page, etc.)
  • 20 Unique Products

Every fan loves to get their hands on all the merch they can get. Perhaps the central piece of such is the t-shirt. This project included designing and coding an interactive t-shirt store for one of the hottest selling franchises in history. It also entailed designing all of the products being sold. Getting fans to interact with the site was not too overwhelming, but keeping them engaged and interested in a well-versed topic was the challenge. Creating a balance of familiarity and uniqueness was key.

Launch Site




The End


  • Front-End Web Devlopment
  • User Experience (UI)
  • User Interace(UX)
  • Product Design

The final design solution included an interface that took the bulk of the franchise and curated it in a logical and fun manner. It also created an impactful experience for fans, seamlessly jumping them into new and useful content in an entertaining way. The products themselves added a humorous, light-hearted element to the interface, creating anticipation for users to see the next item. Every aspect of the site is carefully considered, providing a complete and easy interaction for site visitors.

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