Standing out in the sea of tri-folds


& Challenge


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* Text courtesy of microsoft/ign

The often misused, misunderstood, and mismanaged tri-fold brochure has been a staple of organizational information relaying for decades. With a needle-in-a-haystack odds of finding a keeper, identifying the mis-steps of the past and recognizing the successes of the exemplary ones would be the first line of work. While often mis-designed, well-designed examples can allow for a lot of instruction and knowledge to a viewer. In this instance, a brochure needed to be created for a conceptual gaming console, entitled orbit. Needing a lot of information conveyed in a way that didn't feel like it would be the focus of the effort. The company would also need their own logomark and brand, so creating one that zigged when everyone zagged would be a big focus as well.


The End


  • Print Design
  • Layout Design
  • Typography

The final brochure took a good amount of relevant console information and broke it down into sensible units. These units weren't too lengthy and maintained the interest of the reader. Color and angular shapes were also used in the background, to keep on brand and create reader flow. Patterns were additionally used to allow for a sense of dynamism and movement. On the inside and back panels, icons were utilized, to introduce the viewer to the information in a visually interesting way, and reinforce items discussed in the main portion of the brochure.

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