Fizify Soda Co.



& Challenge


  • Logo System
  • Brand Identity
  • Subscription Box
  • Product Line
  • Website

Fizify Soda Company is an institution that creates healthier soda options. With an emphasis on their all natural flavors and ingredients, it needed a brand that equally reflected their innovative healthy products. I would be tasked with developing and designing a complete subscription box package for their clients. This would include designing the physical box, the individual products, the Fizify brand, and a multi-faceted web interface for online purposes.


The End


  • Branding
    • Brand Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Icon Design
  • Web Design
    • Front-end web development
    • User Interface
    • User Experience
  • Packaging
  • Product Design

The brand I would ultimately develop for Fizify appropriately focused on incorporating bright and saturated colors, to emphasize the company's natural flavors. The icon portion of the logo would utilize the unique shape of a soda cap, with a stylized letter F in its center. To heighten the unique and bold flavor combinations of Fizify, each label would receive its own custom illustration, which utilized an offset linework art style. The subscription box itself would effectively include created brand elements in a minimal way, to allow the included products to stand out most prominently. Finally, the web interface I would create utilized the unique shapes, angles, illustrations, and colors of the brand to dynamically relay product, company, and pricing information to users.


Box Front


Box Inside



Web Interface

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