Audubon Society



& Challenge


  • Logo System
  • Brand Identity
  • Icon System
  • Apparel Line
  • Kiosk Design
  • Environmental Graphics

The Audubon Society has a rich history of being pioneers in nature conservation and community interaction with the outdoors. In this conceptual exploration, I would investigate a rebrand for the society, developing a new logo and icon set. I would also work to develop signage, a polished map, and a kiosk. The challenge would be to represent the Audubon's nature-centric brand in a refreshing way.


The End


  • Branding
    • Brand Identity
    • Logo Design
  • Icon Design
  • Product Design

I would focus the Audubon rebrand on a linework-heavy approach, to emphasize the organization's main provision of walking paths and trails. The green main brand color would convey to viewers the forestry and nature central to the Audubon Society. This uniform linework and main brand color would be extended to the logo, icon set, and map I designed, to ensure for a consistent and tight brand. The primary logo would take the linework approach and apply it to a custom tree illustration I created, further contributing to this desired nature aesthetic.



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