My Second First Language


Graphic & Web Design

My name's Darren Pollock, and I'm a graphic and web designer residing in Providence, RI. I was born and raised in Rhode Island, a state small in size but big in personality. I would discover, early on, my penchant for organization, and for not settling until a title on a high school project posterboard was perfectly centered.

A Calling for Creativity

My calling for design came in high school. The career and technical school I attended offered a program in Graphics and, exhibiting curiosity, joined. What I ultimately discovered was a vast field including typography, layout, branding, powerful programs, and the ability to create so much at my fingertips. During my university time, I would expand my knowledge to web design and development.

My passion for design continues and only grows stronger with each day and each project. I currently provide people with purpose-driven creative work for a diverse range of design needs. Click below to see my work and to view my experience. Feel free to get in touch.